Wall'Up Préfa

Social economy & solidarity

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ESUS programme

Wall'up is committed to obtaining ESUS programme accreditation, an accreditation that of our day-to-day practices since the company was founded.

Local partnerships :

Both in our current activities and in the current spin-off, we are committed to are committed to creating and maintaining partnerships with local businesses. It is through this ability to weave a local network that we will be able to address future markets future markets, which will have to focus on short, local circuits.

Inclusion and Diversity:

Aware of the fact that we are creating new job profiles, we are setting the bar very high in terms of our integration and diversity ambitions. ambitions in terms of integration and diversity: comfort in the workplace, profit-sharing, recognition of career are the driving forces behind our actions.

Environmental commitments :

Carbon Sobriety, climate resilience, biodiversity enhancement, water catchment protection water catchment areas, end-of-life composting, ... These are not words, but vectors in action. (As our Quebec cousins say, the boots follow the chops! cousins say!)

Open book:

Rather than the overused term "transparency", we prefer the term "open book". "that we are prepared to provide our partners and customers with all the information they need to confirm our commitments. confirmation of these commitments. Our shared credibility is at stake.