Wall'Up Préfa

Its commitments

Discover the commitments of our company Wall’Up thanks to our interactive pictograms.

Top Carbon-free industry:

Over the whole spectrum (scope 1, 2 and 3) we currently emit just 2.98kg e CO₂/m² of product. From the tractor that plants and harvests the hemp, through the primary processing of hulling, the Wall'up secondary processing, the transport of the walls and their lifting to site, we therefore emit less than 3kg of CO₂/m²! And not content with this performance, we're working towards being carbon positive by 2028.

Top Fair redistribution

Innovation is of little use if it only addresses technical issues. that it must also have an impact on the social model. We have put in place with upstream farmers to guarantee fair remuneration for their production. their production. Downstream, the commitment covers wage differentials (below 2.5), employee profit-sharing employee profit-sharing, and reducing dividend payouts to 50%.

Top Creation of skilled local jobs :

One of the principles of Offsite, of which we are a concrete expression, is to sedentarise the employment of traditional construction workers: no more back-breaking nomadism no more back-breaking nomadism to get to sites that are often a long way from the workplace, no more tedious coming and going scaffolding, and less risk of accidents. But the expected improvement doesn't just concern working conditions; it's in the provision of training that our training that sets us apart from the principles of traditional prefabrication.

Repairing the world

In addition to our carbon sobriety, we are committed and active in the preservation of biodiversity (no phyto-sanitary products in a hemp field, no primary chemicals). biodiversity (no phyto-sanitary products in a hemp field, no chemicals in primary and secondary and secondary processing), and on resilience to climate change (reduced heating needs, no need for heating needs, no need for air-conditioning in summer).