Wall'Up Préfa

Our first factory

Our plant, located in the heart of the Île-de-France region, represents Wall’up Préfa’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry. Founded in 2019 with a pioneering vision for biobased prefabrication. Nestled in Bellevue 77120 Aulnoy, our factory doesn’t just produce eco-friendly building solutions; it’s the symbol of a low-carbon building revolution, localized within the very resources it valorizes.

Hemp Concrete by Wallup

France's first plant for prefabricated hemp concrete insulated panels

Hemp concrete is a mixture of chenevotte (aggregate), lime (binder) and water. The special feature of WALL’UP Préfa panels is that this mixture is prefabricated using a formwork base fixed to an offset timber frame.

In addition to this explanatory diagram describing the composition of our product, see below the CF2B video produced by the Watts-New agency.

Our solutions

Our solutionsAt Wall’Up Préfa, we offer two solutions for our prefabricated products,
HempSYS and HempDUB, both with different specifications.


HempSYS is a prefabricated wood-frame panel with a hemp concrete infill for exterior finishes (rendering or cladding) and simple interior finishes (paint).


HempDUB is a prefabricated wood-frame panel with a hemp concrete infill for exterior finishing (rendering or cladding), and with additional flexible insulation on the inside.

Why choose us?

At Wall’up Préfa, we combine innovation with sustainability to offer building solutions that respect the environment while delivering unique performance.


Although the plant has only been in production since July 2021, WALL UP PREFA already has references in the pipeline, and benefits from the know-how of the
30 years of experience.

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