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Our Hemp Institutional Partners

Inter Chanvre

Interchanvre is the professional association of the French hemp industry, bringing together producers and processors. It works to develop and promote this sustainable crop, by supporting research, innovation and good agricultural practices. Interchanvre also plays a crucial role in structuring and promoting the various outlets for hemp, whether industrial, food or cosmetics.

Construire en Chanvre

Construire en Chanvre is an industry specialized in promoting and developing the use of hemp in the construction sector. It brings together a wide range of players, from producers to craftsmen and manufacturers, to encourage the use of hemp-based building materials. The industry highlights the ecological and thermal advantages of hemp, while supporting innovation, training and the establishment of technical standards to ensure sustainable, high-performance construction.

Our Institutional Partners

Fibois île-de-france

FIBOIS Île-de-France is the regional interprofession dedicated to the forestry and wood industry in Île-de-France. It brings together and represents all players in the value chain, from forest management to wood processing, construction and energy. FIBOIS Île-de-France works to promote the use of local wood, support innovation and best practices, and foster ecological transition. It also plays a key role in training and informing professionals and the general public about the advantages and opportunities of wood.

Construction Hors-Site

The Association Construction Hors-Site is dedicated to the promotion and development of modular and prefabricated construction. It brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, from designers to manufacturers and installers, to encourage the adoption of innovative construction methods. The association promotes the economic, environmental and logistical advantages of off-site construction, while supporting innovation, standardization and training for industry players. It plays a key role in disseminating best practices and improving the quality of prefabricated constructions.